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Are You A MOM (Caregiver) Experiencing BURNOUT?

Would You Like Me To Walk You Through My Unique Approach to ReAwaken You light ?

As a MOM, you are especially susceptible to burnout. In fact, a recent study found that nearly half of all working mothers experience burnout. If you are experiencing physical symptoms, you must see a physician. But if you are experiencing emotional symptoms, then I can help.

Who Am I

I am Elease A. Wiggins, a mom of two, coach, author, speaker, and professor.

This past January, I was suffering from burnout but did not recognize it.

I was on a break from doctoral studies in counseling psychology and an externship. During this time, I found it difficult to get out the bed or interact with my children.

 When I tried to tell anyone what I was experiencing, I ended up feeling worse.

Instead of having a genuine concern for my well being, I was constantly reminded of important upcoming deadlines, or “You must be strong for your children.

You have too much work to do, stop being lazy. Get up, get moving and get over it”. It bothered me that I had no safe and supportive space to express what I was feeling. So, I created it.


What is ReAwaken Your Light?

ReAwaken Your Light is a 7-week Mental Defense Bootcamp designed to support MOMS in achieving their personal and professional objectives during the holidays until after the New Year.

Once enrolled, you will receive weekly emails with personalized content tailored to your needs.

For 7 weeks, MOMS & caregivers will participate in seven 60-90 minute live virtual group sessions.

Weekly session topics include :

  • Forgiving your choices as a MOM
  • Detaching from emotional pain
  • Parenting the adult and/or stepchild
  • Loving children based on their needs
  • Becoming financially solvent, and so much more

Sessions will be recorded and emailed to MOMS.

What do you stand to BENEFIT when you Enroll in ReAwaken Your Light?

Client Testimonial

You're the best mother to your children, when you're at your best!

The good news is that there are ways to receive the support you need to cope with the whirlwind of emotions that come along with being a mother, and the best thing you can do for yourself is to engage someone who can walk you through the process..



In 2014  when I enrolled in a 6-week boot camp for female entrepreneurs, I paid $597, it was a big investment for me and it was worth it because it helped me self-publish. Eight years later, I am offering Reawaken Your Light for less than half of what I paid to help MOMS overcome burnout.

What the package includes:

  • Personalized email content to achieve your personal and professional goals (audio/video discussions and articles)
  • Career and education assistance (resume, cover letter creation, business marketing materials, and professional certifications). 
  •  Seven 90-60 minute live virtual mental defense group sessions   
  • Exclusive income producing content 
  • E-book of the updated and expanded 2020 version of A Farewell to Welfare

*A portion of our proceeds from the sale of  the ReAwaken Your Light program will be donated to Communities Promoting Reading (CPR). CPR is a Nonprofit organization that provides resources & support to low income adults who qualify as “Head of Household” and are returning to school.  Want to learn more, click here