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Are you a mom experiencing burnout? Seeking relief? What if I told you I can help to ReAwaken Your Light

Who Am I?

I am Elease A. Wiggins, a mom of two, coach, author, speaker, and professor.

This past January, I was suffering from burnout but did not recognize it.

I was on a break from doctoral studies in counseling psychology and an externship. During this time, I found it difficult to get out the bed or interact with my children.

 When I tried to tell anyone what I was experiencing, I ended up feeling worse.

Instead of having a genuine concern for my well being, I was constantly reminded of important upcoming deadlines, or “You must be strong for your children.You have too much work to do, stop being lazy. Get up, get moving and get over it”. It bothered me that I had no safe and supportive space to express what I was feeling. So, I created it.

What is Reawaken Your Light?

ReAwaken Your Light is a 7-week Bootcamp designed to support moms experiencing burnout What will you get from ReAwaken Your Light?
The goal is to encourage moms who lack emotional support and are in need of healthy coping strategies. Through this Bootcamp, moms will be able to:

Benefits Of Participating in ReAwaken Your Light​

What Clients Say About Me

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In 90 Minutes I’ll show you how to improve the way you respond, interact and communicate with your children.

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